Best Presentation Prize Awarded at 2015 PhD Showcase

There was a total of 25 entries from 15 universities for the PhD Showcase, which was held on 24 November 2015. Click here to see the programme and presentations.

Rucha Sawlekar
The winner of the prize, awarded for quality of presentation, content and delivery, went to Rucha Sawlekar, University of Warwick, for her presentation entitled ‘Implementing Nonlinear Systems Using Nucleic Acids’.

Two runner-up prizes were also awarded:
Cyrus Mostajeran
Theory: Cyrus Mostajeran, University of Cambridge, ‘Invariant Differential Analysis’.

Bulat Khusainov
Application: Bulat Khusainov, Imperial College London, ‘Optimal Co-design of FPGA Implementations for MPC’.