2017 PhD Showcase

Monday, 12 June 2017

The Vox Centre, Birmingham.

I.    Introduction

This page gives details of the UKACC PhD Showcase, for research students working in the area of automatic control.  UKACC is the United Kingdom’s National Member Organisation of the International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC) and effectively comprises the UK community of scientists and engineers who have professional interest in automatic control. UKACC seeks to act as an effective link between the UK and the international control communities, to provide a focus for IFAC-related activities and develop and nurture the UK control community. We host an annual PhD Showcase, with the overall aim of bringing postgraduate researchers in the groups together and creating a greater awareness of what others are doing. The specific objectives are as follows:

  • Familiarisation with the control-related research portfolio across the UK.
  • Identification of synergies and opportunities for possible collaborations.
  • Professional development for postgraduate research students.

This year, students will be asked to submit a poster, in addition to giving a presentation.

II.  Posters and Presentations

You are asked to present your research as both a poster and a 3-minute presentation. You should bring your own printed copy of the poster on the day (we will not be able to print out a copy). There will be 1 minute allowed for change over after each presentation, so please keep to the time limit.

  • Please supply your poster and presentation by email to ukacc.contacts@gmail.com by 26 May 2017.
  • The subject of your email should start with: [UKACC Day 2017 PhD Showcase]
  • In the body of the email, please include (on separate lines): Title of your submission, your name and surname, university, and email address.
  • Your submissions should be in PDF format only (no PPT files with videos or animations, sorry), with filename in this format:  surname_university_poster.pdf and surname_university_presentation.pdf
  • Your presentation should be no longer than three PDF pages.
  • Your poster should be one PDF page.

You files will be made available on the UKACC website, so should not contain any confidential information.

III.    The General Idea

You are invited to showcase current or recently completed control-related research. Presenting work-in-progress, or planned work is fine, not just final results

Present your work as succinctly as possible and highlight only the main points.  Although it may be appropriate to use mathematics to explain a point, detailed analytical treatment is not necessary — just explain what you have done/discovered or what your project is about and why it is important.

We welcome the submission of entries that are theoretical or methodological in nature. However, we encourage that mathematics be kept to a minimum and entries that do not highlight the engineering or scientific application of your mathematics will not be accepted.

IV.    Prizes

A Best Presentation Prize and Best Poster Prize will be awarded at the event, judged by a panel of UKACC Executive Committee Members – useful for the winner’s CV!