2012 PhD Showcase

IET, Savoy Place, London.   17th October 2012



Intelligent Power Management for Unmanned Vehicles

James Graham

Loughborough University

Active Steering Control to Enhance Narrow Tilting Vehicle Stability

James Robertson

University of Bath

Control algorithms for optimisation of engine combustion process with continuously changing fuel composition

KinYip Chan

Kingston University


Samuel Bemment

Loughborough University


Actuation and motion control

Platform Hopping Robots

Jawaad Bhatti

University of Bath

LASSO-­MPC: Model Predictive Control for Over-­actuated Systems

Marco Gallieri

University of Cambridge

 Control of a Fast Switching Valve for use in Digital Hydraulics

Nathan Sell

University of Bath

 Control of Atomic Force Microscopes

Umar Khan

University of Southampton


 Control and estimation theory

Robust Positively Invariant Sets for Uncertain Systems

Furqan Tahir

Imperial College London.

 Distributed Economic Model Predictive Control

Jaehwa Lee

Imperial College London

 Parity equations-based unknown input reconstruction for Hammerstein-Wiener systems in errors-in-variables framework

Malgorzata Sumislawska

Coventry University

Piecewise Gaussian Process for System Identification

Juan Yan

Queen’s University Belfast


Renewable Energy

Optimal Active Control and Optimization of a Wave Energy Converter

Edo Abraham

Imperial College London

 Optimal control with application to wave energy harvesting

Zhe Feng

Imperial College London

Ocean Wave Forecasting for Wave Energy Converters

Ming Ge

Imperial College London

 Control Strategies for a solar system assisted by heat pump

Muhammad Waseem Ahmad

Loughborough University


 Energy/efficiency and condition monitoring

Active Control of Large Aeroelastic Wind Turbine Models for Load Alleviation

Bing Feng Ng   PAPER

Imperial College London

 Detecting the location of damaged components in MDOF structural using the transmissibilities of NOFRFs at super-harmonic

Xueyan Zhao

University of Sheffield

 Condition Monitoring for a Cryogenic Vacuum System

Nick Wright  PAPER

Loughborough University

 Occupancy Driven Supervisory Control to Minimise Energy Use in Airport Terminal

Abdulhameed Mambo

Loughborough University


 Electrical Power systems

Distributed control and Smart Grids

Antonio De Paola

Imperial College London

Improvement to Control and Reliability in Power systems (Frequency regulation)

Amr Kamal

Kingston University

Improvement to Control and Reliability in Power systems (Frequency regulation)

Yu Zeng

The University of Sheffield

 Fault Diagnosis for Power Transmission Line using Statistical Methods

Yuanjun Guo  PAPER

Queen’s University, Belfast