2013 PhD Showcase


Vehicles – road and rail
State and Parameter Estimation in Vehicular Systems Download

Robert   Wragge-Morley

University   of Bristol


Simulation   Modelling of the Railway vehicle guidance mechanism Download

Priya   Parthasarathy

Loughborough   University


Fuel   composition and engine control using state-space and neural network Download

KinYip   Chan

Kingston   University


REPOINT  Phase 2 Download

Samuel   Bemment

Loughborough   University

Medical   & bio applications
Repetitive   Control Based Tremor Suppression Using Electrical Stimulation Download

Engin   Hasan Copur

University of Southampton


Functional electrical stimulation-based   cycling exercise for paraplegics using flywheel and electrical clutch   mechanism Download

Shwan Abdulla

University   of Sheffield


Control of a Multi-Function Wheelchair for   Disabled/Elderly Mobility Download

Nor Maniha Abdul Ghani

University of Sheffield


Modelling and Engineering Design for   Improved Energy Efficiency in an Optimized Grow-cell Download

Ioannis Tsitsimpelis

Lancaster University

Active   load and vibration control
Novel Topologies for Active Vibration Management in Flexible Rotors Download

Chris Lusty

University of Bath

Aeroservoelastic Modelling and Active Load   Alleviation of Large Wind Turbine Blades Download

Bing Feng, Ng

Imperial College London


Active   Bucking Control for Lightweight Vehicle Body Structures Download

James E   Trollope

Coventry   University


Active Control of Vehicle Seat for   Occupants Vibration Reduction  Download
Zengkang Gan
University of Bath


Sensing,   actuation and condition monitoring
High-Redundancy Linear Electro-mechanical   Actuator for Fault Tolerance Download

Hasmawati Antong.

Loughborough University.


Rotor-mounted   sensing and actuation for Smart Rotating Machines Download

Samuel   Jimenez

University   of Bath


Detection   and isolation of a sensor drift fault Download

Yilun Zhou

Imperial   College London


Condition monitoring for a neutral beam heating system Download

Nick Wright

Loughborough University

Energy   management and electrical power systems
Energy   arbitrage with micro-storage Download

Antonio De   Paola

Imperial   College London


Active Control to Eliminate Bulky   Electrolytic Capacitors in Power Electronic Systems Download

Wen-Long Ming

University of Sheffield


Universal   Droop Controller for Inverters Operated in Parallel Download

Yu Zeng

University   of Sheffield


Intelligent   Power Management for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Download

James   Graham

Loughborough   University

Wave   energy
Ocean Wave Forecasting for Wave Energy   Converters Download

Ming Ge

Imperial College London


Declutching   Control of Wave Energy Converters With Derivative-Free Optimization Download

Zhe Feng

Imperial   College London

Control   and estimation theory
Adaptive Estimation of Sinusoidal Signal Corrupted by Structured and   Unstructured Perturbations Download

Boli Chen

Imperial College London


Optimal Control of Functional Differential Systems Download

Iyai Davies

Coventry   University


Real Time Nonlinear Model Predictive Control Strategy for   Multivariable Coupled Tank System  Download

Owa Kayode

University of Plymouth, UK.