2015 PhD Showcase

  1. Performance analysis of distributed control configurations in LQR multi-agent system design. Ivana Tomic, City University London. Download.
  2. Selection of Input and Output Structure. Afrouz Farshad Mehr, City University London. Download.
  3. Verification of Control Laws Using Formal Methods. Kestutis Siaulys, Cambridge University. Download.
  4. Robotics for Nuclear Decommissioning Drone-Arm Cooperative Vision. Thomas Burrell, Lancaster University. Download.
  5. Research and Teaching using a Hydraulically-Actuated Nuclear Decommissioning Robot. Craig West, Lancaster University. Download.
  6. Teleoperation with memoryless, monotone, and bounded environments: A Zames-Falb multiplier approach. Haru Tugal, University of Manchester. Download.
  7. Robust Model Predictive Control. Rainer Manuel Schaich, University of Oxford. Download.
  8. Optimal Co-design of FPGA Implementations for MPC. Bulat Khusainov, Imperial College London. Download.
  9. Multi-UAV Network Topology Control for Information Gathering Applications. Mason Thammawichai,Imperial College London. Download.
  10. Active Control of Trolleybus Current Collection Systems (ACTCCS). Min Chen, Loughborough University. Download.
  11. Devising a solution for Vehicle-based switching. Nabilah Farhat, Loughborough University. Download.
  12. Active Seat Suspensions for Automotive Applications. Abdelaziz Alfadhli, University of Bath. Download.
  13. Altruistic Decision Maker for Controlled Collision Mitigation. James E. Trollope, Coventry University. Download.
  14. Modelling and Control of a Single-Phase Three-Level NPC Inverter connected to the Grid. Jorge Guzman-Guemez, University of Southampton. Download.
  15. Stabilization Method of DC Cascaded System With Adaptive Parallel-virtual-impedance Control Strategy. Xin Zhang, University of Sheffield. Download.
  16. Dynamic Models for Electrical Power Systems On-board Aircraft. Georgios A. Amarantidis, Loughborough University. Download.
  17. Control of Big Data in the Smart Grid. Luxin Zhang, Imperial College London. Download.
  18. Optimization Strategies for Power Management of Autonomous Systems. Maszatul M. Mansor, University of Sheffield. Download.
  19. Iterative Learning Control For Smart Motors On Wind Turbines. Weronika N. Nowicka, University of Southampton. Download.
  20. Iterative Learning Control and Advanced Technology for FES Based Upper Limb Stroke Rehabilitation. Mustafa Kutlu, University of Southampton. Download.
  21. Optimal Intermediate Time Allocation of Point-to-Point Iterative Learning Control on a Gantry Robot. Yiyang Chen, University of Southampton. Download.
  22. Vibration Suppression of Stay Cables Using Absorbers Incorporating Inerters. Jiannan Luo, University of Bristol. Download.
  23. Nonlinear dynamic process monitoring using kernel CVA. Raphael T. Samuel, Cranfield University. Download.
  24. Implementing Nonlinear Systems Using Nucleic Acids. Rucha Sawlekar, University of Warwick. Download.
  25. Invariant Differential Analysis. Cyrus Mostajeran, University of Cambridge. Download.