Annual UKACC Lecture

Each year UKACC arranges a lecture of broad interest to the control engineering community, in conjunction with the major institutions.

Reducing lap times and fuel consumption in F1
Professor David Limebeer, Oxford University
24th November. etc.venues, Liverpool Street – Norton Folgate, London

From Measurement to Mathematics
Professor Marcus du Sautoy, Oxford University
23rd October. Royal Society, London

Modelling, Control and Optimisation of Hybrid Vehicles
Professor Lino Guzzella, Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control, ETH Zurich
31st October, IMechE, London

Magnetically suspended vehicles – the dream and the reality
Professor Roger Goodall, University of Loughborough
17th October, IET, London

Professor Malcolm Smith, University of Cambridge
10th March, IOM3, London

I’m a control engineer: ask me what I do

Professor Ian Postlethwaite, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Northumbria University
11 March 2010, Institution of Mechanical Engineers, London

Humanoid Robots: Learning to Behave

Professor Edgar Koerner
7 May 2009, Institution of Engineering and Technology, Savoy Place, London

System Indigestion: servos – measurement – control – models – engineering – economics – systems of systems – complexity…

Professor Philip McPherson
15 April 2008, CBI Centrepoint, 103 New Oxford Street, London

Iterative Learning Control – from Hilbert Spaces to Robotics to Healthcare Engineering

Professor Eric Rogers of the University of Southampton
15 March 2007, Institution of Mechancial Engineers, London

Restoring Function and Enabling Exercise in Spinal Cord Injury: The Role of Feedback Control in Rehabilitation Engineering

Professor Ken Hunt of the University of Glasgow
4 May 2006, Institution of Engineering and Technology, Savoy Place, London

New Roles for Systems and Control in the 21st Century Economy

Dr Jan M Maciejowski, Reader in Control Engineering at the University of Cambridge
The Institute of Measurement and Control, London

Automatic Control of Sound and Vibration

Professor Steve Elliott, Institute of Sound and Vibration Research, Southampton University
18 March 2004, Institution of Mechanical Engineers, London

The Fusion of Mechanism and Control: Super-Mechano Systems

Professor Katsuhisa Furuta
8 May 2003, Institution of Electrical Engineers, Savoy Place, London

Using System Dynamics Modelling to Understand and Address the Systemic Issues on Complex Engineering Projects

Dr David W Stupples, (PA Consulting Group)
30 April 2002, Institution of Mechanical Engineers, London

The Design of Fly-By-Wire Flight Control Systems

Mr Chris Fielding, Flight Control Systems Technologist, BAE Systems
21 March 2001, Royal Aeronautical Society, London