2016 PhD Showcase

  1. Coalitional Distributed MPC, Pablo Baldivieso Monasteries, Sheffield University. Download
  2. Design of reconfigurable and non-centralized MPC implementations, Bernardo Hernandez, Sheffield University. Download
  3. Optimal Co-design of FPGA Implementations for MPC, Bulat Khusainov, Imperial College London. Download
  4. Finite-time system identification, estimation and fault detection, Peng Li, Imperial College London. Download
  5. A Duality Approach to System Identification of LTV and NL Systems, Joe Alan Roman-Flores, Southampton University. Download
  6. Modelling and Control of Switched Linear Differential Systems (SLDS), Maria Angelica Hernandez Colin, Southampton University. Download
  7. Adaptive Feedforward Control for Uncertain Linear System, Yang Wang, Imperial College London. Download
  8. Agile Legged Locomotion, Beichen Ding, University of Bath. Download
  9. Importance of the thumb with the foldable palm in robotic grasping and manipulation, Visakha Nanayakkara, Kingston University. Download
  10. Dynamic Models for Electrical Power Systems On-board Aircraft, Georgios Alexandros Amarantidis, Loughborough University. Download
  11. Vehicle-based switching, Nabilah Farhat, Loughborough University. Download
  12. Vehicle Speed Optimisation with Dynamic Programming, Thomas Levermore, Kingston University. Download
  13. What is the ‘Correct’ Discretisation of the Linearised Navier-Stokes Equations for Feedback Flow Control? Oliver Dellar, Sheffield University. Download
  14. Real-time Feedback Control of Tollmien-Schlichting Waves, Hari Vemuri, Imperial College London. Download
  15. Multilevel Multivariate Control for Back Pressure MPD in Extended reach wells, Ita Bassey, Coventry University. Download
  16. Power System Stability with Increased Distributed Generation, Thelma Ahmad, Queen’s University Belfast. Download
  17. Automatic Control of a Parabolic Trough Solar Thermal Power Plant, Adam Alsharkawi, Sheffield University. Download
  18. Supercapacitor design using systems theory, Ross Drummond, Oxford University. Download