Complete the form below to express an interest in UKACC group or corporate membership.

Group Membership – £210.00

Corporate Membership – £1050.00

Benefits include: 

  1. Active participation in the UK’s national control community via the Executive Committee.
  2. Nomination of persons for the IFAC Technical Committees (all NMO nominees are constitutionally required by IFAC to be added to the Technical Committee membership, whereas individual nominees are only included at the discretion of the Technical Committee Chair). 
  3. Ability to host the biennial UKACC Control Conference. 
  4. Opportunity to host IFAC events (Workshops, Conferences and Symposia), all proposals for which must be made through the NMO to the IFAC Secretariat. 
  5. Promotion of member activities through UKACC website and mailing list. 
  6. International networking via UKACC’s position as the primary gateway into the international control community. 
  7. News of activities of interest to the control community.